Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday-- My Trio

Regardless of when Baby decides to make his appearance, we know these are the last few days with only three kids. These are the last few days that Owen is the baby of the family. These are the last few days of life as we currently know it. Brian and I took a few pictures this weekend to remember these days...


  1. Maddie is getting so big! I almost didn't recognize her....the baby face is gone! The pictures are adorable and you look good! :) Praying for you to have peace for the rest of the pregnancy!

  2. Great pictures! It was very bitter-sweet for us before Ben was born. We couldn't wait for the new baby (didn't know the sex), but were sad that our days with just Lucy were drawing to a close. I actually cried many times about that. However, it has been wonderful and I wouldn't trade it at all!

    Enjoy your time before the new baby. :)

  3. That Owen is just delicious! Sigh. He reminds me of my firstborn when he was a baby. The *only* baby.

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