Tuesday, February 17, 2009

From My Mind to My Fingers

I have a confession! My blog has been taking up too much of my life. I've spent only minimal time actually writing, but I've spent much more time thinking about it! What should I write about next? Have I had enough posts this month? Have I had too many? Why do I not get many comments? Am I writing the things people want to read? Pride, pride...

I have an idea of what I want my blog to be. I don't like to write about all the details of my life, where we've been, what we're doing today, etc., but enjoy giving you "bit and pieces." I like displaying some of the things I've made, sharing some things I've learned, telling about my philosophies on many things, showing a few pictures...

I'm an obsessive type of person so I've been writing articles ahead of time and scheduling them for later in the week or month. Then I think of something else to write and juggle the articles around again. It sounds silly but I've really stressed myself out. I've considered forgetting my blog altogether, but I really do enjoy it.

What to do, what to do...

For now, I think I'll let my scheduled post go as planned, but then I must cut back!!! Instead of spending time thinking and planning and stressing about finding time to write again, I'll do as I should have done from the beginning and write what is on my heart-- when the time is right, whether that be once a day or once a month.

I fear losing readers and maybe that is part of the problem. I've become so concerced about everyone else that I'm forgetting that my blog is a reflection of me and my family.

Pray for me as I work through my issues!


  1. I understand completely! I've been getting really bummed when I don't have comments, but I still enjoy writing and posting, so I'll do it when I have time. I'll be praying that you'll be able to find a balance, too.

  2. Ya know, I think this is common. I also get in funks where I don't get comments on posts or whatever and then I wonder if I'm boring ppl and then I get too many comments and I spend my day moderating things. It just becomes a chore. I tried to make money with the blog, but I missing out on my kids and constantly sitting at the computer. Its just a vicious cycle and I think each blogger has to make a choice about how important their blog is. I love blogging, but I JUST CAN'T read everyone's blog and I JUST CAN'T spend hours on it like I use to before 2 kiddos. I think finding a balance is great and if you find one, let me know. I've struggled with a balance for about a year and just can't seem to find one. :)

  3. I plan to keep reading no matter how frequently you post. Good luck finding a balance, I think that's something most bloggers struggle with!

  4. I hear you! :)

    I love when you share about you and yours... anything and everything! Its that its about YOU that makes it so interesting!

    Much love and blessings-

  5. I totally understand where you're coming from. It's hard. I've been so inconsistent with my posts, and sometimes, I feel like I should pre-write and pre-schedule to ensure that I actually get something posted...losing readers is tough, and it's happened during some of my rather long absences!
    To be honest, though, you won't lose me! I've got you on my Google Reader and I always enjoy reading the things you post. Keep at it when you can, and know that for the most part, all of us readers will understand (and won't leave you) if you take some (needed) time for yourself and your family.


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