Saturday, February 14, 2009


I pondered what I could write about to include a few pictures we've taken lately. After giving it some thought, I couldn't come up with anything clever, but I'm going to post them anyway!

Our one and (probably) only snow of the winter-- how exciting that Daddy was home to play, too. Our family is all mourning the fact that Brian's winter break is over and he goes back to work on Monday...but we're so thankful he has a job to go back to!

Owen loves the fact that he is a big brother and has someone to take care of! Their carseats sit side by side in the van so Owen holds Benjamin's hand the whole ride. If Ben cries, Owen whispers, "It's alright, Benjamin. Don't cry."

Gavin and Maddie think Ben is their baby. It is the highest honor to hold him while I fix breakfast. Gavin says, "Babies are the cutest things ever made! Don't you think so, Mama?"

Got to love Target! When we found this shirt on the clearance rack, we had to buy it for our Peanuts fanatic!

Benjamin is my little buddy! He's such a trooper and happy to be anywhere his Mama is! He has more than doubled his birth weight and comes in around 15 pounds now. My babies are always chunky!

How beautiful are the feet of them who bring Good News!


  1. Beautiful post and just perfect for the pics. I love the fact that Owen holds the baby's hand. My boys do that in the car too. I love brotherly love! Just the best.

  2. Yout children are so beautiful! What a blessings.

    Love to you!


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