Monday, February 16, 2009

Frugality Versus Faith

We have always saved our kids clothing in storage boxes so we don't have to start from scratch each time we have a new baby. We have started to run out of room, though, to keep everything! Brian and I talked about it and decided we were going to have to weed through the boys' clothing and keep only the best quality and most sentimental items.

So we began. I struggled with whether it was the frugal thing to do. After thinking about it and praying about it, we came to the conclusion that while saving clothing does save us money, God had always provided what we needed when we needed it.

We consolidated the boxes and gathered quite a few bags to give away. Fighting my very frugal tendencies, I felt peace that someone would get good use out of the clothes now. And I held to the belief that when our boys needed an item of clothing that hadn't been saved, God would provide!

That same week, the UPS man arrived, delivering a box from an out-of-state blogging friend...full of little boy clothes! What a neat reminder of God's faithfulness to us!


  1. Isn't God's provision amazing! We were just wondering the other day what Emahry would wear when the weather starts getting warmer since we don't have any summer clothes in her size. Yesterday we were given a bag of summer clothes that a friend's daughter has outgrown. Then at smal group last night, another friend gave us matching summer outfits they had purchased for both of our kids. What a blessing!

  2. I also struggle with the idea of frugality or faith when it comes to clothing to give away. I've given clothes away before thinking that I would never be a stay at home mom and then I became one and now pregnant with no 3... It is amazing how God does provide. This past winter God provide 3x the amount of clothing for Peanut that he needed. God is so good... even when we don't ask!

  3. This struck home with me. My husband and I both consider ourselves "pack rats" an have a hard time passing things on when we think we may use them again.

    We've recently decided to leave our fertility in God's hands, which definitely feels like the right decision...but makes me more hesitant than ever to get rid of things. Yet, I don't want the "stuff" to take over my house, nor do I wish to become a slave to that stuff. So, thanks for your post. It really made me think... :)


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