Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Sunny Shirt

In January, I became an aunt for the ninth time! The new baby was a girl and with all the testosterone in my house, I thought I immersed myself in a really girly gift. My sister and I have been making fabric yo-yos so I used a few tiny ones as flower heads and embroidered the stems and leaves.

And what elegant lady (or big sister) wouldn't love flowers for her hair?


Yes, yes, still emptying the pre-written posts!


  1. Well, seeing as I was the MOST FORTUNATE recipient of one of your amazing creations, I can vow for how beautiful these are and how special they can make a girl feel!!

    You are very talented. :)

    Many blessings-

    P.S. You better do the blog jubilee, or I am gonna say a bunch of nice stuff about you for you! Love yoU!

  2. On behalf of your neices, I thank you so much for the time you put into making such cute gifts. You did an excellent job!


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