Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days {Day 31}: Conclusion

The 31 Days have drawn to a close.  When I read about the challenge on The Nester's site in the middle of September, my first thought was, "Yes, I'll do it!" quickly followed by a "No! I'd have to be crazy to commit to such a thing!" I knew I had a burden for women in the trenches of mothering little ones, but I also knew I had little ones of my own to care for who might not appreciate me tied up with writing for a month. 

When we left on a family vacation that same week, our computer stayed behind so I decided to take the four technology-free days to pray about whether to take on the responsibility of writing to mothers for 31 days in a row.  I literally went to sleep those nights, praying... and writing and organizing posts in my head.  

By the time we returned home, I had a peace about my mission to reach out to mothers for the 31 days of October.  I kept a notebook by my Bible and furiously scribbled notes by day and typed out paragraphs by night.  I pray that I have offered encouragement and hope to my readers this month.  I know I have been encouraged by the comments of many, some of whom were visiting my blog for the first time. 

The thing that struck me this month was how much we all want to know that what we are choosing for our families is the right thing.  Is it okay that I send my husband to the grocery store with my list when he gets home from work?  Am I being selfish if I sleep while my baby sleeps or should I get up early to read my Bible?  I'm having a hard time with two I doing something wrong?  Is it weird that I have six kids and still want more?  Where should I send my kids to school?  Why am I so overwhelmed?

It helps to remember His Word:

That's it.  His requirements are simple.

In my inner struggle to determine cloth or disposable, homeschool or public, big family or small, pacifier or not, my bed or his own, get up or sleep...have a put too much merit in trivialities?  In deciding whether to expose my little ones to vaccines or food dyes or refined sugar or television, have I remembered the crux of the matter?  

Does Gavin know Jesus?
Is Maddie living for Him?
Will Owen, Benjamin, and Alaine spend eternity in Heaven?

In a forever-scope, that's all that matters.

Could I beg a small favor?  If this series spoke to you, would you consider sharing it with other mothers who may need an encouraging word?  You can share the entire series with this link:

or with this:

31 Days

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this series. It was a blessing and an encouragement to me this past month. My husband is deployed in Afghanistan right now, so I'm left juggling a lot of plates, and it was wonderful timing to read daily mothering encouragement from you.

    In Him,

  2. You are so right; the crux of the matter is always Jesus. Are we loving him? Are we serving him? Are we showing him? Are we sharing him? So many of the internal struggles can be answered by grace. Grace for ourselves, grace toward others.

    Now to live that today.

  3. I know I have really appreciated your willingness to tackle this topic for an entire month.

    It's so easy to get caught up in the decisions and "soapboxes" that don't really matter in the scope of eternity.

    I'm praying for wisdom and grace to lead them to Him today.

  4. 5 kiddos! wow! 31days of writing was a challenge, but I see you found out as I did that God gives you what you need to get through, especially when it is something that you have prayed about and he has said DO IT! Thankful this series brought us together! many blessings to you ; )


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