Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days {Day 27}: Til Death Do Us Part

As this month {and these 31 Days} draw to a close, I want to take a moment to touch on an important point. 

When my children are grown and leave home, my husband will still be here.

It is easy to get wrapped in my children-- who needs a drink, who needs new shoes, who pushed who and was it done on purpose or by accident.  My day begins with dressing the little ones and fixing breakfast for all.  Then I teach school and read books, fix lunch and lay children down for naps.  I cook dinner and play games and push swings and give baths.  The day is brimming with diapers and spills and squeals.  When at last I've tucked the blankets under chins, I am  tired and sometimes a little grumpy, too. 

Do I leave any time to cherish my husband? 
Do I send him the message that he is important?

I'd like to think that I do.  We never part ways without a kiss and an "I love you."   We connect on the phone multiple times throughout the day.  I leave him notes to find in his lunchbox.  When he's home, we talk while we wash the dishes or do the bills.    Our kids laugh at the pet names we have for each other. 

Still, I am sobered by the realization that when the children are gone-- whether it is ten years from now or twenty-- it is going to be me and him again.  When I no longer am responsible for the everyday needs of my little ones, when the chaos has calmed and the days are eerily quiet, when the years have passed in a whirlwind and I find myself on the other side of them...we will be two again.

If I wait until life slows down to show him I love him, it will be too late.

These years matter. 

Reminder: On Saturday, I'll give you the chance to link up your real life photos.  Take a moment with your camera to show us what real life looks like in your family.


  1. i totally said this same thing on my blog today. it is SO true. God is so good!

  2. In our crazy schedule, Tim and I try to find some time for just the two of us. It's definitely easier now that grandparents are nearby. Last week we split a milkshake as we walked through Hobby Lobby. Nothing very special, but we had great time together!

  3. I've been thinking about this lately, too. It seems especially difficult for us in the newborn stage when there is constantly someone touching me and/or needing something from me. Once everyone is in bed I'm exhausted, can't string a complete thought together, and don't even want our legs to touch when we sit beside each other on the couch. Definitely something I need to work on! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Wise words. I've seen a lot of recent "empty nest-ers" struggle with this, and making your hubby a priority throughout all the child-raising years would probably help a lot.


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