Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Days {Day 14}: Confessions

I wonder if you are like me. 

Do you have little mama secrets that you keep inside and don't tell anyone?  I'm not talking dark, hideous secrets-- just things you keep under wraps because you think someone will think you're weird or careless or not a good mom.  Perhaps you're just plain embarrassed or maybe you think you're the only quirky one. 
Today is my day to confess. 

Maybe you'll confirm my fears... or maybe you'll smile and nod your head and shout a resounding, "Me, too!" 

  1. When I got the urge to decorate my house for fall in September, we took a whole morning to do that instead of start our school day.

  2. Until Alaine came along, none of my kids slept through the night until they were at least 18 months old. 

  3. Alaine (13 months) sleeps through the night, but Owen (5 years) doesn't.

  4. I fed my picky child cake for breakfast two mornings in a row because it had oats in it, and oats are healthy, right?

  5. I've nursed a 3-year-old and I've weaned a 1-year-old.

  6. I cried on Christmas morning because there was too much clutter. 

  7. I've co-slept (and bed-shared) with all of my children.

  8. My kids ask to watch PBS Kids almost every morning and I almost always let them. 

  9. Sometimes I send my kids outside and plead, "Please don't get dirty this time."  (They always do anyway.)

  10. I rinse clumps of toothpaste out of the kids' bathroom sink every night.

  11. We eat fast food one night every weekend.

  12. I throw away some of my kids' artwork when they aren't looking.

What do you want to confess today?


  1. We may take a whole day off of "normal" to decorate or to do whatever.

    Oh, and I always throw away artwork when they aren't looking (hate it when they find it in the trash!), but I also often send it on to grandparents. Handy little trick!

  2. Eliya (19 months) has slept through the night for months, but Jonathan (3 yrs) still wakes up throughout the night.

    I also throw artwork away when they aren't looking. And I eat chocolate in secret :)

  3. hahahaha! What a great post!!

    Enjoyed reading this!

  4. Confessions:
    - I will hide a particularly annoying toy until a child forgets about it and then get rid of it.

    - I don't always brush the kids' teeth before bed.

    - Co-sleeping? Been there, done that, will do it anytime it's needed.

    - I'm a mean mom: my kids have chores, don't get allowance, and are expected to be closer to their family than to 'friends' or they don't get to be around friends.

  5. I love this post! In fact, I read several of your "confessions" to my husband because they mimic so closely things that happen around here. I think you've inspired me to post something similar on my blog.


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