Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days {Day 19}: He Said

Something eery occurred at our house last night.  One child, having had no nap, had gone to bed early and the other four went outside to play while I did the supper dishes in an almost empty house.  It all felt very odd. 

"Listen," I said to Brian. "Do you hear it?" 

"Hear what?"

"That's just it," I said.  "I can't hear anything.  It's quiet in here." 

While driving down the highway as we began our trek home from our recent vacation, Brian commented, "Do you realize how much simpler it would be if it was just the two of us on this trip?  When it was time to leave, we would throw our suitcase in back of the car and go." 

We laughed for a few minutes, thinking of how there would be no scramble to find missing shoes, no making sure everyone had used the bathroom, no questions of, "Are we almost home?" or,"Can we listen to Veggie Tales?" ten minutes into the trip. 

"Well," he concluded, "there are years ahead for all that. Might as well enjoy this now because we'll miss them when they're gone."

That's right.  This lovely chaos won't last forever.  Embrace it while you can.

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