Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days For the Struggling Mama

Last year, The Nester and seven other bloggers spent the 31 days of October devoting their words to a single topic.  They committed to writing on that topic every day of the month.  This year, they are at it again, with one difference.  They are opening the floor for anyone to choose their own topic and join them in writing for this year's 31 Days of Change.

Since I began my blog over three years ago, I have never, ever been a daily blogger, but something about this 31 day challenge stirred me.  One of the most popular posts on my blog is a post I typed out from my heart one evening in March of this year.  It was titled To The Struggling Mama. I tend to be a slow, deliberate writer, but unlike many of the things I write, this came out quickly and effortlessly so when I clicked publish that evening, I was unprepared for its impact.

As the mama of five, I am no stranger to the overwhelmingly difficult days of caring for little ones.  My children are 8 (almost 9), 7, 5, 3, and 13 months, and though they are still young, I feel as though we have turned a corner and the easy(er) days now outweigh the hard days.  I pray that in these next 31 days, I can be an encouragement to the mamas who are walking this path with me.  I pray that we can form a community of encouragers to nudge each other toward His grace. 

Are you a mother of a little one or two?  Are you an older mother who has a wise word for those of us who are still in the trenches?  Consider joining me in these 31 Days For the Struggling Mama


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  1. I'll be reading along - sounds fun. I understand where you are. My children are: 10, 7 in a few days, 5.5, 4 in a few days, 2.5, 10 mos. and baby #7 coming in January. Life is never dull!

  2. I'm so excited for your 31 days. I'll definitely be reading along. I feel like we're still in the place of more harder days than easier ones so I could use all the encouragement I can get :)

  3. I'm glad you are writing on a topic that will encourage so many mamas!! Bless you for that! :-)



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